5 tips on finding the perfect freelance Digital Marketer

5 tips on finding the perfect freelance Digital Marketer

What’s the number one thing you look for when you’re searching for the perfect freelance digital marketer? Is it price, location, niche, or services offered?

If you’ve been looking for a freelance digital marketer, you’ve probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming, and I’m here to help you in your search with my 5 best tips on finding the perfect freelance digital marketer for your business!

Bonus tip: If you’re a small business, you might want to stay away from traditional marketing agencies, as their pricing is often catered to larger businesses.

Now, before hiring a freelance digital marketer, you want to:

1. Check their portfolio

Check their portfolio to see if they have worked with clients similar to you or on personal projects similar to yours. It doesn’t matter what their bio says; if their portfolio doesn’t match it, it’s a red flag. You can also reach out to past clients to ask questions about the freelance digital marketer’s work ethic and other things that matter to you.

2. Look for signs of excellence

Look for signs that they are adaptable to different contexts and that they can produce work that is of high quality in terms of approach, design, tone, and voice. For performance marketing, look at the results (data) and the reviews for ROI indications.

3. Ask for a case study

Ask them for a case study (the real ones will send you this without you having to ask) and use it to assess their problem-solving and critical skills because we all gain expertise by solving real problems.

4. Make sure you are the perfect fit

Check that their services or packages are exactly what you are looking for (e.g., if you want a social media manager for TikTok and Facebook, but they only offer SEO and copywriting services, then you might not be a good fit).

5. Talk to them!

Book that discovery call if you really want to work with them and need to ensure that you both click before a contract is signed. This is your opportunity to assess each other for a possible working relationship, with no strings attached.

I hope these tips help you with your search. And if you’d like to talk about hiring me as your freelance digital marketer or branding consultant, then shoot me a message!


Priscille B. Fatuma is a writer, podcaster, and freelance digital marketer. You can follow her for more tips on creativity, personal branding and marketing on Instagram @priscillegetsit